Tech Talk – Improve CX, Reliability by Automating services for Finance Service Industry (FSI)

Improve CX, Reliability by Automating services for Finance Service Industry (FSI)

The new era of contact center – Improve Customer Experience, Reliability by Automating the operation for Finance Service Industry.

FSI (Finance Service Industry) is the backbone of any economy. The world has digital transformation trend and Finance Service Industry also transform recently stronger and faster. This is a mission and one of the priorities to retain and gain customer’s loyalty.

Today’s digital customers have high expectations for receiving great service. They expect personalized and timely support, regardless of whether they’re speaking with an associate directly or interacting with an associate via chat or email. That is why the contact center of the future is not a multichannel call center, but an omni-channel customer interaction hub that provides a 360 degree of the entire customer journey.

A cloud based, omni-channel contact center provides a gamut of customer data to analyze and act on – including customer feedback from voice interactions, mobile, social, email, SMS/MMS, IVR, and other touchpoints – all from an unified platform and workspace.

We build the digital transformation strategy for the finance service industry (FSI) by exploring the customer journey, re-defining the operating model and building a digital driven organization. In the event, we will introduce the solutions to improve customer experience, readability by automating services in the Contact center such as: voice biometrics, AI chatbot, Speech Analytics, Voice Analytics.

Client Name: Vietnam FinTech Event 2019